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Deceased Estate Clearing in Melbourne

With many years of experience, we will make this process less stressful any way we can. Clearing out the house, shed and yard can take days or weeks – if you want peace of mind, we can help, leaving you with a property that is ready for whatever you are planning next. “We ensure that no matter the size of your rubbish removal project, we can handle it, with our expertise and passion for getting the job done.”

More Than Just Rubbish Removal

When a loved one passes away, one of the biggest headaches is how to sort and dispose of their old household items, clothing, furniture, and other items in order to get the home ready for sale or rent. We have years of experience working with families and estate clearance professionals. We know how difficult and overwhelming the process can be and are here to help and make it a bit easier.

We make sure the entire estate clearance is done with understanding, support, and respect. We take great care to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our years of experience dealing with estate clearance will make the whole process easier for everyone involved. Certain items are preserved and saved per your wishes, and everything else is disposed of properly in order to get the job done, and make it possible for you to move forward with future plans.

Who are Metro Rubbish Removals?

Metro Rubbish Removals is owned and operated by Aaron Maiolo.  Aaron regularly works on site with his son, Fabian.  Together, the family team aims to provide a top quality service to Melbourne’s business and home owners.  You can rely on Aaron, Fabian and the rest of the Metro Rubbish Removals team to have your property clear of rubbish and clutter.

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