Metro Rubbish Removals in Melbourne

For all your rubbish removal and clear out services in throughout all of Melbourne’s suburbs.

Providing a complete hands on service, Metro Rubbish Removals will provide waste removal services all over the city of Melbourne.  Some of our services include commercial, office and shop strip outs as well as the demolitions of kitchens and bathrooms to facilitate renovations.  Our professional and friendly team is happy to meet all your rubbish removal needs. We are eco friendly ensuring we recycle as much of your rubbish as possible.

Clearing of clutter and general rubbish is our most popular service. We can dispose of everything from old boxes & bags, to furniture & appliances, and once loved items, no matter their size.

Don’t let old office equipment or displays take up valuable space. If it is old obsolete, broken or past its use by date let us clear it for you.

It can be a difficult time when the family has to deal with the death of a family member.  During this time, we aim to make the process of clearing the property as easy as possible for you.

We can help to declutter years of built up hoarding and collecting.  We’re sensitive enough to make it easy – thorough enough to get the job done properly.

Nearly every time someone moves out of their home and another person moves in, there is rubbish left over that needs to be removed.

When it comes time to change the use of a commercial space, we make the process easy by removing everything that needs to go.

Deceased Estates

Presale Tidy Ups

Green Waste & Gardens

End Of Lease Clearance

Building Waste Removal

Garage & Shed Clear Outs

Rental Property Vacates

Renovation Clean Up

Office Clear Outs

Merchandise Removal

Decluttering / Home Downsizing

Help With Hoarding

Who are Metro Rubbish Removals?

Metro Rubbish Removals is owned and operated by Aaron Maiolo.  Aaron regularly works on site with his son, Fabian.  Together, the family team aims to provide a top quality service to Melbourne’s business and home owners.  You can rely on Aaron, Fabian and the rest of the Metro Rubbish Removals team to have your property clear of rubbish and clutter.

We keep our customers happy!

My sister used these guys when I was staying with her in Melbourne. She needed to clear a whole lot of building rubbish from her yard. Quick and easy! – Sarah G

Used these guys twice while I was renovating my place. Super convenient. – Jordan A

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Find out more about our rubbish removal services in Melbourne

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Metro Rubbish Removals.  We provide rubbish removal services in Melbourne’s inner suburbs – those areas where space is limited and it’s unrealistic to have a skip bin left on the council verge.  For people in those areas, time is also limited.  Inner city people tend to have busy lives and their time is better spent on work or leisure than on loading rubbish into a bin.

That’s where we come in!  Our service involves a small team driving to your property in a truck with a skip bin on the back.  The bin is offloaded from the truck (generally) and our team get to work.  We load the skip bin with the rubbish, clutter and unwanted goods before giving the space a tidy and leaving.  Every job is different to the last but the basic idea is the same…

We make it as easy as possible for you to have a clear property.  Quick, easy and stress-free!

Commercial Rubbish Removal

Commercial jobs come in all sizes for us.  We work closely with builders, roofers and landscapers in Melbourne’s inner suburbs.  These businesses have limited room on small sections and our ‘load and go’ service suits them far better than having a skip bin on site throughout their projects.

John G, a Melbourne landscaper wrote “Thanks Aaron. It’s really helpful to have you on call when we’re ready to have each section cleared out on completion.”

Building waste removal from renovations or small-scale demolition is a common one for us.  With the property prices in the inner suburbs skyrocketing, the number of renovations taking place is higher than ever.  Elements of the building are dismantled and left in piles throughout the property.  We show up, haul it out and take it away, making it quicker and easier for the tradies to keep the project running smoothly.

Sarah E from a Melbourne property development company said “I’ve heard from the builders that they’re really happy with the service.”

We also have scheduled rubbish removal contracts with businesses that aren’t serviced by council waste removal.  These businesses pay a set fee and we show up regularly to remove whatever waste they have.

Danny J from Carlton wrote “Very good service.  The rubbish is gone every Tuesday morning as we requested.”

Commercial strip outs and office rubbish removal for de-fits are another common job that we get.  This usually happens when a commercial tenant moves out of a rented building and leaves commercial rubbish – computer monitors, electronics, desks, chairs etc – and the owner or property manager needs the commercial rubbish removed in a hurry to get new tenants in.

Residential Rubbish Removal

As with commercial rubbish jobs, the residential rubbish removal bookings we get vary a lot.  There’s the seasonal work – the spring clean rubbish removal work that peaks every spring, strangely enough!  There ends up being all sorts of stuff in the skip bin on these general removal jobs: furniture, electronics, clothing, green waste removal, tyres, books, old tools, metal waste – all sorts!

Janine J from St Kilda let us know how much of a difference it made to have her home free of the years of built up stuff.  She had booked general rubbish removal for her home that had been shared with kids and partner for decades.  With the kids grown up, she and her partner needed the space back.  We were happy to help.

Some home rubbish removal bookings are entirely outdoors.  We’ll get a call from someone needing to tame the chaos in their yard.  It could be green waste, old bricks and concrete or a broken down glass house or shed.  We remove the garden rubbish get the property to the point where it can be mowed and maintained without hitting debris with the mower blades.

The Jamieson family from Kensington told us “The kids are loving having the back yard to play in. Thank you for your work.”

Some of the more interesting jobs we get are for hoarding clearance.  It’s quite a sight to see decades worth of newspapers or so many rusty garden tools and half empty paint cans that they block a garage door completely.  We’ve had really positive feedback, especially from family members of the hoarder, saying that their quality of life was a lot better after the built up mess was gone.

Rubbish Removal From Deceased Estates

Deceased estate clear-outs are a tough time for a the family of the deceased relative.  We do everything we can to help make the process of clearing the property as easy as possible for everyone involved.  We’re able to sort through everything and put aside anything that might be of value to the family.

Gareth V from Preston let us know that our service was “efficient and thoughtful” and that our service made the task of clearing their mother’s estate “much easier, thanks.”

Rental Property Clear-Outs

People collect a lot of stuff where they live!  Appliances, furniture, clothing, toys, crockery and cutlery, toiletries, rugs, the list goes on.  Sometimes, when a tenant moves out from a rental property in a hurry, they leave a lot of their belongings behind.  We work with rental property managers to remove rubbish from rental properties – what we call a Tenancy Vacate Clear-Out.  On the flip side, if you’re a good tenant wanting to leave your rental property clear when you leave, our rental property clearance service is perfect.